What's New?

There are many changes to the Book Love Foundation's Summer Book Club this year - many based upon those of you who responded to our 2018 Summer Book Club survey.  Some of these changes include:

  • Separate elementary school options!    We have had more and more elementary school teachers participate in the Summer Book Club, and this year we have separate titles and discussions occurring specifically for elementary school teachers (K-5) during the month of July!  Please note that access to the online content provides you access to both the elementary and high school discussions.  If you choose to purchase the books and swag from us, you must select either the Middle & High School option OR the Elementary School option. 
  • We can now ship as orders are placed!    We are excited to announce our new shipping partner, Northeast 3PL out of Londonderry, New Hampshire.  Once you place your order for the book club, Northeast 3PL will ship your order within 2-3 business days, and you will be emailed tracking information so that you are confident that the order is on its way!
  • And we can now ship to your residence!    Our new shipping partner is also able to ship to your home.  Please make sure that you provide accurate shipping address information.
  • New Facebook format.     Facebook has recently added the Social Learning format to their group pages.  Using this format, we will be able to create "units" for each book being discussed, and you should be able to locate discussion topics within each unit.  In addition, these units are a separate section from other discussion topics or questions that participants may want to post to the Summer Book Club community.  As a result, we think navigation and locating each discussion topic will be much simpler for everyone.  Please read the announcement on book love summer book club 2019 group page for instructions on using units
  • New Summer Book Club website.    We are very grateful for our work with Commit Change during our first two years of the Summer Book Club.  We have now created a new site specifically for the Summer Book Club (summerbookclub.org).  This enables us to automate our order processing, and also to make it simpler for individuals to locate the Summer Book Club and participate.  Please spread the word!


  1. When will books be shipped?  (This applies to book & swag orders only!!!)    Books will be shipped from New Hampshire within 2 - 3 business days of your order and you should receive your order within 4-6 business days of when it was shipped.  Once the order is shipped you will be emailed tracking information regarding your order.   If you have lingering concerns about your ability to receive these shipments, we recommend that you go with the Online Content Only option

  2. I do not see a monthly payment option. Why?    Unfortunately the foundation lost several thousand dollars last year because individuals cancelled their monthly subscription before the 12 monthly payments had been made or they did not update their subscription with new payment information if their credit card was cancelled.  This resulted in us having to use monies that had been designated for classroom library grants for deserving teachers to instead cover the costs associated with these individuals.  As a result, we are not able to offer this option going forward.  We apologize to those of you successfully used this option in the past and are not able to this year.

  3. I participated last year – can I just renew my membership?    We don’t have a renewal option at this time, so this year’s registration is completely separate and distinct from last year.  This prevents address errors, billing errors, etc.  If you used the recurring option in 2018, those recurring payments will end after your April payment or until you have made 12 payments, if this is later. 

  4. I am confused about the different options - which one is right for me?     If you want to just access the online content, we recommend that you select Facebook Online Content Only ($60 option). This means you must obtain the books on your own and you will not receive any shipment from Book Love Foundation. If you wish to purchase the books and swag from the Book Love Foundation ($135 option), you must select either the Elementary School option or the Middle / High School option. There is not an option to obtain both sets of books unless you separately purchase the Elementary School option and Middle / High School option ($135 each or $270 total).  Please note that regardless of the option you select, you will be able to access online content and discussion topics for both the Elementary and Middle / High School selections.

  5. I don't see the ability to just purchase the books?  Is that still available?  We unfortunately are not offering a "book only" option this year.  With an all volunteer team and Board, we are trying to do what we can to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.  As result, this option was eliminated this year.  

Online Content:

  1. I participated last year – what will happen to my access to the Facebook group page?    You will be able to continue your access through the month of April.  Effective May 1st, the 2018 Facebook page will be closed.  Please note that a new Facebook Group page has been created for 2019.  You can search for Book Love Summer Book Club 2109 or go to www.facebook.com/groups/booklovesummerbookclub2019 and request to join the group.  Please make sure you respond to the prompts so we can verify that the Facebook request ties to a valid registration (often participants don't use the same name on Facebook as they may have used when they registered.)  

  2. Are we using Goodreads this year?    We had a number of comments last year from participants who did not like having posts placed on both Facebook and Goodreads, and the Goodreads page was not widely used.  After performing a survey on both forums, most of the individuals who responded stated they preferred the Facebook interface.  As a result, we will not be using the Goodreads page in 2019.  We are confident that the new Facebook social learning format will make it easier for participants to locate and access discussion topics.  

  3. What is the schedule for the book discussions? 
    Middle & High School Selections
         June 9-23              The Red Pencil 
         June 24-July 7       We Got This 
         July 8-21                Still Life with Tornado 
         July 22-Aug 4         Reading with Patrick
    Elementary School Selections:      
         July 1-5                 The Parker Inheritance
         July 8-12               Dreamers
         July 15-19             It's All About the Books
         July 22-26             Front Desk

Professional Development Credit:  Some participants may want to obtain professional development credit for their participation in the Summer Book Club, and may be able to have their Summer Book Club fee paid for by their school.  Information about the Club from a PD perspective may be found here.  At the end of the summer, we will provide a certificate to participants to submit for PD credit.  Since everyone dedicates different amounts of time to the Book Club, we leave that part blank and ask the participant to fill that in based upon their own individual involvement.  

More Questions?    Email us at support@booklovefoundation.org.